Dana Loesch on the SCOTUS balance of power

Radio and TV commentator Dana Loesch on Thursday echoed familiar conservative sentiment on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and what his inevitable appointment would mean for the Second Amendment.

“If you are about winning the midterms — because remember, Gorsuch doesn’t change the balance of power, but the next one will. … If you care about saving the balance of power for Supreme Court, if you care about national reciprocity, if you care about the Hearing Protection Act, if you care about a wall, assert constitutional freedom here if you care about that,” Loesch said in a speech delivered at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

National reciprocity is high on the National Rifle Association’s wish list and would allow concealed carry permit holders to travel across state lines with their firearms. Opponents say the law would violate states’ rights and pose a public safety threat.

Another top-priority bill would deregulate suppressors, the argument being that guns are loud and shooters should be able to use the devices to protect their hearing. Opponents of this measure have argued that should suppressors become more available, it would make things more difficult for law enforcement to localize shots fired during active shooter incidents and during investigations when questioning witnesses about gunfire.   

Loesch, who was named national spokesperson for the National Rifle Association on Tuesday, touted the group as the “original big tent,” harboring “blue dog Democrats” who voted for Donald Trump in November to preserve their gun rights. It was these voters that handed Trump the victory, Loesch claimed.

Other accounts content Hillary Clinton’s loss came because of low voter turnout among Democrats.

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