DeSantis adds new holsters for HK VP9/40, Walther Creed

The Invader model holster for H&K's VP9 and VP40 is just one of the newly released holster options for the VP line in addition to new holsters for the Walther Creed. (Photo: DeSantis)

The Invader model holster for H&K’s VP9/40 is one of the new holsters released by DeSantis. (Photo: DeSantis)

Holster maker DeSantis announced new holster fits for both the Heckler & Koch VP9 and VP40 as well as Walther’s latest pistol, the Creed.

The new fits open up more options for concealed carry enthusiasts looking for holsters that offer durability with a little versatility.

DeSantis’ HK offerings include the Intruder and Invader designs. The Intruder is a tuck-able rig that adjusts for both height and cant. The holster back is constructed with top-grade steer hide while the leather front compartment is finished with durable polyurethane film. The Intruder is molded from Kydex to fit the VP series perfectly and retails for $70.99.

The Invader is also a tuck-able design that features a body pad built from neoprene and ballistic nylon. The holster itself is thermo-molded from Kydex and features sturdy C-Clips for lasting durability. Alternatively, J-Clips can be purchased separately. Retailing for $47.99, the Invader is also easily adjusted via an included hex wrench.

DeSantis unveiled five new rigs for the Walther Creed. The Thumb Break Scabbard and Speed Scabbard both retail for $77.99 and feature exact molding with 1 3/4-inch wide belt slots. The Speed Scabbard, designed for plainclothes professionals, does not feature a thumb break like its counterpart but maintains retention through tension screw device and precise molding.

The Pro-Stealth model is made of padded ballistic nylon with a 1 3/4-inch black spring clip to securely anchor the holster to the belt. Southpaws can remove the clip and flip it to the opposite side for left hand carry. An ambidextrous spare magazine pouch is standard with auto loader models. Thumb breaks are optional for those that prefer a little extra in the way of retention. The Pro-Stealth comes in at $38.99.

Walther Creed owners will also have the choice of two tuck-able models — Tuck-This II and the Sof-Tuck. Tuck-This is built from ballistic nylon and lined with slick pack cloth. The adjustable belt tab can is versatile and can swing from cross draw to the standard FBI-strong side carry position. MSRP is $43.99.

The Sof-Tuck is an inside-the-waistband rig that offers adjustable cant. It can be worn strong side, cross draw or small of the back. Built from no-slip suede, the holster is reinforced at the top with premium saddle leather. The Sof-Tuck is the most affordable model, selling for $33.99.

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