Even Nerf now has a select-fire offering with an optional day/night scope (VIDEO)

Water and foam dart gun armorer Nerf has debuted their first ever select-fire dart projector, with a giggle switch capable of single shots, three-round burst, and full-auto.

As noted by Drac in the above booth visit at the New York Toy Fair, the $59 Nerf Modulus Regulator has a lot going on. Besides an onboard optic, the select-fire dart gun has an ammo counter and a spare magazine in the buttstock.

As noted by Geek.com, the new carbine uses four C-cell batteries to blast darts from its standard N-Strike magazine. Better still, Hasbro plans to offer an optional Nerf Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope attachment with 5x digital magnification and night vision.

Srsly. Where was this stuff when we were kids?

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