FL man jailed after pulling gun, machete on kids playing too close to his yard (VIDEO)

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A man from Fort Myers, Florida, was arrested Monday after he threatened his neighbor’s kids with a machete then fired a gun at them because they were playing too close to his property.

John Warne, 48, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of marijuana, but his neighbors worry about what may happen once he’s released from jail.

Paul Haskett said his five children were enjoying being home from school for President’s Day, playing and riding their bikes and scooters down the road, when Warne ran outside and – as he raised a machete in the air – yelled at them to get away from his house.

Haskett hurried his children inside their house, but two of his kids – his 18-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son – were still outside when Warne allegedly went back into his house then emerged again with a gun. Haskett said Warne then fired in his direction, prompting him to throw his son to the ground for safety.

Warne then took off in his car, along with his 16-month-old child.

Haskett called the police and while they found a spent casing, they did not locate Warne’s weapon.

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