A closer look at what it took to pull off the Henry '1,000 Man Shoot' (VIDEO)

In celebration of the Second Amendment, last November a legion of 1,000 people stood shoulder-to-shoulder on a 1.6-mile shooting line, picked up American-made Henry rifles and fired twice, culminating more than a year of hard work.

The appropriately named “1000 Man Shoot” event, which took place at the Ben Avery Shooting Range in Phoenix, Arizona on Nov. 14, 2016, was set up by the National Rifle Association with the support of Winchester, Brownells and Henry Repeating Arms– who showed up with the guns– in a tribute to the right to keep and bear arms.

‘We wanted to hold an event that was patriotic, had a sense of unity and to show our unwavering support for the Second Amendment,” said Henry Repeating Arms President Anthony Imperato in the above half-hour film which features cameos by a half-dozen or more YouTube shooting celebrities including 22Plinkster, Matt from DemolitionRanch, Tim from the Military Arms Channel, Eric from IV8888 and others.

Heavy in attendance were members of the Veteran, law enforcement, and first responders to take place in the historic event. The event needed 400 certified Range Safety Officers, who spent the entire day before setting up the targets.

Henry donated the specially marked Golden Boy Silver rifles in .22LRs, complete with case, for the participants.

Besides the gun line, the event drew 3,000 spectators from around the country. While the event was shut out by the folks at Guinness all involved counted it as a win.

Maybe the next one will be a 10,000-man shoot?

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