At least 100 rare transferable machine guns soon up for grabs (PHOTOS)

Rock Island Auction House has released some teaser information about their upcoming Premier Auction in May, and it has just about one of every full-auto or select-fire offering on your fave list.

While they do not have the full item descriptions listed yet, they have released some highlight images and what they show– besides the regular fare of 19th Century collectible lever guns and 18th Century dueling pistols– is a cornucopia of Title II/Class 3 items. Outside of the full Call of Duty collection, you aren’t going to find these guns in one place.

Among the neater pieces we spotted was an Oerlikon 20 mm cannon complete with Naval AAA mount and 60-round mag:

20mm oerilikon mount ria

(Photos: RIA)

If you are a submachine gun fan, you will not be disappointed. The auction contains at least two M1928 Thompson subguns as well as other rare SMGs to include a beaucoup ugly French MAS 1938, a Brazilian URU, a Spanish Star Z-63, a Yugo M56 in 7.62x25mm, Walther MPL and some more common UZIs and M3 Grease guns.

Star Z-63 smgWalther MPLyugoslav M56 Submachine gun ria 7.62x25mmBrazilain URU smg smg riafrench mas 1938 smg submachine gun ria1928 us model navy thompson tommy gun smg ria1921 thompson tommy gun ria smgria uzi m3 grease gun
You want a light machine gun? They have a German Krieghoff FG42 paratrooper, a clunky looking but historic top-fed Danish Madsen, a couple of Japanese Hotchkiss guns– including a Type 11 captured on Kwajalein Atoll in 1944– a Johnson 1941 LMG, a Stoner M63 and a Heckler & Koch HK21 which is just mmm, mmm, good.

German Fg-42 lmgjohnson 1941 LMGStoner m63 ria lmgMadsen lmg riahk heckler kock 11 mgCaptured by 7th cav rcn trp Kwaj 5 Feb 1944 Hotchkiss machine gun japanese ria
Larger pieces include a twin M1919 mount, a Browning M2 .50 cal on a tripod infantry support mount and a Colt water-cooled .30 cal.

colt m1917 watercooled machine gun riatwin aaa mount 30 caliber m1919 riam2 heavy barrel ria
And did we mention there are select-fire M14s by both Springfield and Winchester? Squeeeeeeeee.

RIA m-14 m14 selector switch springfieldwinchester m14e3 m-14 with selector switch ria
As RIA notes, “It defies convention that so many outstanding firearms should pass through one set of doors in such quantity, yet here we stand with another exceptional offering, bound to impress with its strong showing in a number of collector favorite genres.”

Anyway, the auction comes up in May and we will have more details as it firms up.

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