Illinois State Rifle Association condemns proposed gun control bills

The Illinois State Rifle Association has condemned recent gun control bills proposed in Illinois, blasting lawmakers the organization says are trying to seek revenge for election losses in November and infringe on the rights of lawful gun owners.

“This is all about revenge,” ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson said in a statement released Sunday. “We’re tracking about two-dozen gun control bills in the general assembly and none of them, if passed, would have any impact on violent crime.  On the other hand, every single one of the bills promises to stifle the free exercise of Second Amendment rights by the lawful citizen.”

Specifically, the ISRA takes issue with House Bill 1810, sponsored by Democrat Rep. Rita Mayfield. If the bill is passed, a 3.75 percent sales tax would be imposed on firearms and firearm component parts. The money generated from that tax would then be used to create and fund the “At-Risk Youth Assistance Fund,” aimed to provide scholarships and grants to at-risk youths in high-crime areas.

The ISRA argues the bill would do nothing to curtail crime in Chicago while imposing higher taxes on lawful gun owners. The organization also argues that the money would be used to fund “radical Chicago-based community activists.”

The ISRA also takes objection to House Bill 0745, sponsored by Democrat Rep. Marty Moylan. If passed, the legislation would require lawful gun owners to provide law enforcement an electronic copy of their fingerprints when applying for issuance or renewal of the Illinois Firearm Owners Identification card. The fingerprints would then be checked against FBI and State Police databases as part of the background check process.

Again, the ISRA argues the bill would do nothing to stop violent crime while placing a heavier burden on the shoulders of lawful gun owners.

“The ISRA is poised to obstruct and defeat any and all gun control legislation coming before the legislature this session,” said Pearson. “The good people of Illinois are not going to accept political retribution in the form of restrictions on their rights. It’s understandable that the gun controllers are bitter over their nationwide defeats last November. However, the gun controllers will have to wallow alone in their bitterness because the rest of us will have no part of it.”

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