Man indicted on gun shop theft, drug possession

Federal authorities indicted a Pennsylvania man Thursday for stealing nearly a dozen firearms from a Muncy gun shop, the Justice Department said last week.

Samuel Bozochovic, 35, is charged with theft of firearms, possession of stolen firearms, and possession of firearms by a convicted felon. Court documents show Bozochovic is also charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin.

Bozochovic is accused of breaking into R&J Welch gun store on Feb. 8 and stealing 11 handguns. Later that same day, Bozochovic was apprehended while distributing heroin to another individual. A search of his apartment turned up 48 packets of heroin, as well as five of the stolen firearms. The remaining six guns stolen from the shop have yet to be recovered.

“Stolen guns are quickly sold into the black market as a tool-of-the-trade for criminals who frequently use them in violent acts,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge Sam Rabadi. “ATF will use our resources to protect the public by identifying and arresting thieves who divert guns into the hands of criminals, which then fuels violence in our communities.”

Bozochovic’s arrest came as part of the Violent Crime Reduction Partnership, a district-wide initiative aimed at preventing the spread violent crimes committed with firearms. In addition, his arrest was also part of the Heroin Initiative, which is a nation-wide program that works with local agencies to combat the growing heroin epidemic by targeting individuals who commit heroin-related offenses.

If convicted of all the charges, Bozochovic could face up to 30 years in prison, followed by a supervised release, as well as a fine.

According to reports from local media, the gun shop break-in also occurred on the same day Bozochovic was in the Lycoming County court and pleaded guilty to a criminal trespass charge stemming from a January 25, 2016, incident in which he and another individual broke into a Williamsport apartment and assaulted a man. At the time of the gun shop break-in, Bozochovic was released on an unsecured bail, all of which will be considered at the time of sentencing, if he is convicted.

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