Royal Nonesuch shows us some of his homemade guns (VIDEO)

Backyard ordnance maker and Youtuber Royal Nonesuch was hanging around the Serbu booth at SHOT Show in Las Vegas in February 2017. Sporting a mushroom shirt, Royal gave a little tour of some the homemade guns he and Serbu have been working on lately.

The RN-50 is a single-shot .50 BMG rifle that sells for $1199. It debuted at SHOT Show in 2016 and is now, according to Royal, Serbu’s best-selling rifle.

Royal showed us his 9mm “grease gun” called the RN/GG RN-9. It’s a closed-bolt blowback submachine gun that uses 9mm Glock mags. Royal recently demonstrated it in action attached to a motorized bicycle.

Lastly, he showed us his newest project with Serbu, a striker-fired .22 rimfire single-shot pistol called the GB-22. It’s made for gun buy-backs. You buy the kit for $12, and the materials at a hardware store for another $10, and then you hand it in at a gun buy-back for a gift certificate worth much more.

This year is going to be an exciting one for Royal. “I’ve got a full-auto paintball gun that I’m going to be converting to shoot .38 cal ball bearings,” he said. “And I’m probably going to try to build another .50 BMG. That’s going to to be a task for sure.”

Check out Royal’s Youtube page for more of his exploits.

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