Priceless revolver owned by Elvis Presley up for sale

Elvis engraved revolver

A revolver once owned by The King himself is currently on sale through a dealer of fine collectibles and rare memorabilia.

The gun, which was purchased by Elvis Presley on Nov. 6, 1970, from Kerr’s Sporting Goods in Beverly Hills, California, features intricate engraving inlaid with gold and silver, as well as carved ivory handles.

A closer look reveals the carvings of five different animals – a bear, a bobcat, a moose, a mountain lion, and a puma. The gun also comes with a custom-made leather case and the dealer guarantees the gun’s authenticity for life.

Elvis gunElvis gunElvis custom engraved holster


There’s no denying the beauty of the piece, but how much does such a specimen cost? Because the dealer describes it as an artifact that is “almost priceless,” coupled with the fact that the price is only available upon request, leads me to believe you – or I – cannot afford it. Nonetheless, it’s still nice to look.

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