Mec-Gar adds 10 round mags to lineup for shooters in restrictive states

The new mags are available in 9mm, 10mm and .38 super.(Photo: Mec-Gar)

The new mags are available in 9mm, 10mm and .38 super. (Photo: Mec-Gar)

Magazine maker Meg-Gar looks to help gun owners in restrictive states by adding three new large frame, 10-round mags to its Witness series.

The new Witness models cover 9mm, 10mm and .38 super. Mec-Gar’s mag bodies are constructed from carbon steel for durability while its polished, blued finish provides easy loading and feeding into pistols.

The company employs a new dimpling technique with this large frame series, allowing for full-size Mec-Gar followers, magazine springs made from  Type D music wire and floor plates. Featuring a high impact polymer baseplate and a heat-treated tube, the Witness is designed to take a beating.

Mec-Gar said in a statement that the decision to include limited capacity magazines came in support of shooters.

“Due to changes in several states, many shooters will not be able to use or possess any magazine in excess of ten rounds,” the company said in a press release. “Mec-Gar’s position is that they disagree with these restrictive laws and their proposed effectiveness, however they want shooters in those states to be able to continue to use their firearms.”

Mec-Gar’s inclusion of 10mm and .38 super is an interesting move but not surprising as these older calibers are seeing mainstream resurgence.

The new Witness designs are currently available from Mec-Gar with a price set at $38.30.

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