Weaponized drones are coming! (VIDEO)

AMTEC Less Lethal, a defense technology company based in Florida, has a new tool to help law enforcement control protesters.

They’ve developed a prototype aerial platform called the UAS Deployment System. It’s designed to deliver an irritant agent or standard smoke into a crowd of protesters. They had a prototype on display at SHOT Show 2017.

North Dakota became the first state to legalize weaponized drones for law enforcement in 2015. They were used against protesters at Standing Rock, even though civilian unarmed drones were banned from flying in the area. They were even shot down by officers.

It’s actually not illegal for civilians to weaponize their own drones, as Austin Haughwout proved by arming his personal drone with a semi-automatic pistol and more recently with a flamethrower.

He didn’t break any laws. This is because laws pertaining to weaponized personal aerial platforms still don’t exit. But they are currently being drafted.

This leads us to the age old question: should civilians and law enforcement be armed at equal levels?

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