Shooters in Toronto hungry for new range

03/3/17 12:17 PM | by

Shooters and firearm owners from across southern Ontario packed a municipal meeting Monday in Ajax to support a proposal by the Firearms Outlet Canada gun store, according to the Canadian website The Gun Blog.

With many shooting ranges in the Toronto area at capacity and turning away new members, the retailer discussed plans for building new range facilities  at its store in Ajax, which is located about 28 miles east of Toronto.

If plans are approved, Firearms Outlet Canada plans to build a range with 17 firing lanes, classrooms and an expanded retail area. Also, the range would include advanced systems to automate targets, filter air and reduce noise and vibration.

Mike Brake, a firearms instructor, former SWAT member and competition shooter who supports the project, called it “Firearms Outlet Canada is going to have the Taj Mahal of training facilities,” the blog reported.

The new facility could open later this year if everything goes as planned, but the company still needs municipal permission to build a range in the shopping plaza where its store is located.

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