Begara Rifles crosses border, now cleared for Canadian use

The Begara Premier LRP melds AR style with a bolt action rifle. (Photo: Begara Rifles)

The Begara Premier LRP melds AR style with a bolt action rifle. (Photo: Begara Rifles)

Begara Rifles announced its rifles are making the jump across the Canadian border due to an exclusive partnership with Canadian firearms distributor O’Dell Engineering.

O’Dell partners with manufacturers from around the world to bring innovative firearms and products to Candian shooters and dealers.

“Thanks to O’Dell Engineering, our end users in Canada will now be able to walk into their local sporting goods store and pick up a Bergara rifle from the rack. My hope with this wonderful partnership is to offer broader access for the dealers and end users in Canada to be able to see and feel the fine craftsmanship that goes into each and every Bergara rifle,” said Ben Fleming, vice president of sales for Begara’s parent company BPI Outdoors.

Begara Rifles produces high quality bolt-action long guns including the B-14 and Premier Series rifles. Offering a range of chamberings from .308 Win to the popular 6.5 Creedmoor, Begara pledges to bring Canadian customers top-notch precision rifles.

”We are proud to team with BPI to bring Bergara Rifles to Canadian hunters and shooters,” said Phil O’Dell, founder of O’Dell Engineering. “The Bergara reputation for accuracy, reliability and value, along with their excellent range of models and calibers, is exactly what we were looking for in a rifle partner and we know that Bergara will be a great success for our dealers, coast to coast.”

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