Milwaukee cops to carry trading cards in effort to improve community relations

trading cards

Thanks to generous donations from the Milwaukee Bucks and Daktronics, a company which makes trading cards and scoreboards, Milwaukee police officers will have the chance to hand out sports cards to kids in their communities.

While it was once commonplace for officers to carry – and hand out – trading cards, the practice fizzled out after companies stopped donating the cards. Police Chief Edward Flynn, who called sports cards a “wonderful opportunity” for officers to interact with kids, said when he joined the force about a decade ago, trading cards were no longer being handed out.

However, Flynn said he has been hoping for some time to bring back the practice. In fact, at prior meetings aimed at improving community relations, residents have repeatedly brought up the trading cards of days past.

“We’ve seen firsthand how that small gesture can go a long way toward fostering communication between law enforcement and the community,” said Bucks senior vice president Alex Lasry.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett agreed.

“I love the basketball cards. I think it’s a wonderful way, and a very simple way, to improve communication between young people in the city and our Milwaukee police,” Barrett said. “I think it’s a win the young people to see police in a good light, and I think it’s a win for the police to see young people in a good light.”

In addition to 10,000 packages of sports cards, which will include a card for all 15 team players, Daktronics is also providing new scoreboards for half a dozen area schools and youth centers.

[ Journal-Sentinel ]

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