Young man charged with murder after teen accomplice killed in home invasion (VIDEO)

Two young men attempting to break into a home in Riverdale, Georgia, Tuesday morning were met with gunfire. Now, one suspect is dead and the other, although he didn’t pull the trigger, is charged with his murder.

John Dexter Williams, 19, and Patrick Kemp, 22, tried breaking into the home shortly before 11 a.m. The homeowner, however, heard the home invasion and opened fire, striking Williams, who then ran from the home.

When police arrived a short time later, they found Williams lying in the driveway of a nearby home. He died as a result of his injuries.

Kemp was arrested and, in addition to first-degree burglary, is now charged with felony murder for Williams’ death.

Cynthia Harper, who lives nearby, said she believed she saw the pair walk past her home before the break-in.

“I hate that they got shot,” Harper said, “But you go in someone else’s property, hey, you get what’s coming to you.”

Police say they do not expect the homeowner to face charges.

[ Fox 5 ]

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