Memphis man shot in between breaking into homes (VIDEO)

A man on a crime spree in Memphis last week was shot while breaking into one of several homes, but authorities say despite being shot, the man still broke into at least one additional residence.

The incident unfolded a little after 2 a.m.

The first victim, Lynette Crawford, said she awakened to the sound of breaking glass. Crawford’s daughter and her young child hid under the bed, while Crawford’s other daughter hid in a closet.

Crawford said the suspect, who was later identified as 28-year-old Emmanuel Lane, didn’t take anything from her home but was yelling, saying that someone was after him and trying to kill him.

Eventually, Lane left, but moments later Crawford heard a gunshot coming from the house where her neighbor, Wendell Hines, lives.

Hines said he heard his fiancé, mother, and stepdad start yelling that someone was in the house, so he grabbed a gun. Soon thereafter, Hines found Lane in the front room, so he fired a shot, striking Lane a single time. Hines was hoping to hold Lane until police arrived, but was unsuccessful.

Even after being shot, Lane fled from Hines’ home and broke into another house.

Lane, whose injuries were deemed non-life threatening, was apprehended by authorities a short time after the third break-in. None of the victims reported any items stolen.

[ Fox 13 ]

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