Officer under fire for using Taser on dog (VIDEO)

A police officer out of Roseville, Michigan, is under investigation after video surfaced of him repeatedly using a Taser on a dog over the weekend.

The dog’s owner called 911 asking for help with the animal. The owner explained that the pit terrier, who had recently been adopted, escaped from her home and she could not get him to come back.

“He snuck out through the back door,” the dog’s owner told the 911 dispatcher. “He just will not come home. And I don’t want him biting anybody. He doesn’t bite, but he’s pretty intimidating. He likes to run up on people and bark.”

Two officers – one with a catch pole and the other with a Taser – responded to the call and one woman, who did not wish to be identified, began recording the encounter on cell phone video. While the officers eventually got the dog into their car and back to its owner, the witness, who called the incident horrifying, expressed concern over how the animal was handled.

The witness assured reporters that she wasn’t out for blood, but rather just wants to see them better trained.

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