Setting off this 47-pound 1.5 gauge punt gun looks like a time warp (VIDEO)

Competition shooter Robert “Bob” Gordon Vogel got behind a homemade punt gun that packs in 11-ounces of shot and 650-grains of FFG black powder, or about ten 12 gauge birdshot loads– and actually set the thing off.

Punt guns date back to the days of market hunting and were used to annihilate resting flocks of waterfowl. They got their name from the fact the professional hunters of the day pushed them out across the ponds and marsh on flat bottom “punt” boats.

Vogel, in this case, eschews the boat for a bale of hay and the ducks for a standard target.

“I don’t know that there’s a bigger, single-person, hand-held shotgun out there, though,” he says.

When it blasts off it looks like something you would expect from the Large Hadron Collider.

If you are curious about Vogel, he is a former LE officer and is very active in IPSC and USPSA. Like world champion active.

No word on if he is going to use the punt gun in 3-gun matches, though.

Want more info about punt guns? Below is a demo of a working c. 1800’s punt gun from the UK.

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