Armed citizens come to the aid of woman being robbed at knifepoint

An armed robbery outside of a Tyler, Texas, restaurant Sunday afternoon was stopped by a father and son who were both carrying concealed firearms.

Chase and Terry Nick said they had been eating lunch with their families at FD’s Grill House after church when they walked out to their truck to take care of some business-related matters. But while sitting in the truck, they saw the suspect, 35-year-old Chad Boening, who was armed with a knife, attempting to a rob a woman.

One witness, who only wanted to be identified as Rodney, said he saw Boening grab the woman from behind and stick a knife to her side. He said Boening looked straight into his eyes and said, “Do you want this b*tch to die?”

But Terry quickly came to the woman’s aid, pulled out his gun and told Boening to get on the ground. Terry also told Chase, who was standing behind him, to get out his gun as well.

The two held Boening at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene.

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