Gun control group calls for universal background checks

Gun control group Resolve for Gunsense Indiana is seeking support from the South Bend City Council for universal background checks.

At a Sunday meeting in a South Bend community center, the group of local gun control advocates spoke to a crowd of around 30 people about their resolution drafted to urge state and federal lawmakers to require background checks for all gun sales, the South Bend Tribune reports.

The proposed resolution, called the South Bend Gun Violence Prevention Resolution 2017, also calls for Indiana lawmakers to pass legislation prohibiting domestic abusers and stalkers from possessing firearms.

“Our real mission is not to ban guns, not to take someone’s rights away in terms of the Second Amendment, but to demand that there is responsibility in gun ownership and in how guns are sold in the market,” said Stephen Miller, a South Bend resident.

Miller and his wife Joellen spoke of how his brother, Tom, and nephew, Christopher, had been shot and killed, both young men when they died.

Maria Pike, from the Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago, spoke of how her 24-year-old son was killed by gunfire five years ago.

Gavin Ferlic, the South Bend city councilman-at-large, is scheduled to introduce the resolution at a Mar. 27 council meeting. If passed, the resolution would head to Indiana legislators at the Capitol in Indianapolis.

“We in South Bend invite our Indiana lawmakers and representatives to an honest dialogue about the solutions that are available to those who are willing to work together, cross party lines, and do what is right to protect our citizens from gun violence,” the proposed resolution reads.

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