Romanian anti-aircraft guns in action supporting NATO (VIDEO)

NATO is highlighting the first deployment of Romanian military troops in support of an ally with the deployment of an Oerlikon GDF-003 35mm twin cannon battery to Poland.

Romania joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in 2004 but the upcoming deployment of 100 troops of the 205th Air Defence Battalion is historic for the country.

Sure, their equipment looks right out of Red Dawn (the original) but don’t let those Swiss-designed GDF-003s fool you. Each twin mount can rip out 550 35x228mm rounds per barrel each minute– which can make anything traveling below 13,000-feet feel pretty oppressed. Radar guided, a six-gun battery can dish up a lot of heartburn to enemy helicopters and low-flying attack planes really fast.

AAA guns such as these are also dangerous to massed infantry and light vehicles on the ground as well.

Also, did you dig the classic Romanian-pattern AK’s still in use? Hey, if it ain’t broke…

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