Serbu cleared over Cessna MP5 incident (VIDEO)

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced there is no need to file charges over an incident in which Mark Serbu and associates shot a select-fire HK MP5 out of a moving airplane in Florida.

Serbu came under scrutiny last week after he took his daughter his daughter Valerie (aka .50calVal), and visiting YouTuber Do It With Dan on a flight in a single-engine private plane from Peter O. Knight airport outside of Tampa over the Gulf and let loose a few rounds over open water. Airport officials later called the Tampa Police Department who took the matter under advisement and forwarded it the FAA.

As noted by the Tampa Bay Times this week, the FAA is on Serbu’s side.

“We were unable to determine that any Federal Aviation Regulations were violated. If new information becomes available, we will reopen the inquiry,” the agency said in a statement.

An aviation lawyer contacted by the Times, Guy Haggard, said the live fire was likely perfectly legal and covered under FAA regulations, citing airborne hog hunting via helicopter as an example.

Carry on, Mr. Serbu. As you were, sir.

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