Shots fired at Ferguson protest brought on by newly released video (VIDEO)

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Gunshots were fired Sunday during a protest outside of a market in Ferguson, Missouri, but no arrests were made and there did not appear to be any injuries.

The protests erupted after the release of a documentary over the weekend that showed new surveillance video of Michael Brown the night before he was fatally shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson during a confrontation in 2014.

After Brown was shot, authorities revealed he was wanted for what was described as a strong-armed robbery at the market just minutes before the shooting occurred. Surveillance video showed Brown shoving the store owner as he walked out with merchandise that had not been paid for.

However, the documentary “Stranger Fruit” shows Brown was at the market the night before the shooting and paid for the merchandise – sort of. The newly released surveillance video shows what appears to be Brown exchanging a small bag of pot for the merchandise, which he left at the store behind the counter, presumably to return for it later.

The store owner maintains he knew nothing about the exchange or any other prior arrangements between Brown and any of the market employees.

The video has garnered new controversy – and protests – over the shooting, but authorities say the information isn’t relevant because it was the shooting that was investigated, not the robbery.

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