75-year-old NJ resident arrested for selling guns out of his home

A 75-year-old man was arrested Friday at his home in Ocean County, New Jersey, after authorities learned he was illegally selling guns and ammunition.

“These sales were without the required permits or forms and were considered street level deals,” the Berkeley Township Police Department noted in a press release.

According to reports from local media, the man’s home was located in a senior living community.

An investigation was initiated by the Berkeley Township Detective Bureau after a concerned citizen contacted authorities and indicated the man, John Figlar, may have been selling firearms illegally.

A search warrant was then issued and executed by members of the Berkeley Township Detective Bureau, as well as detectives from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Special Operations Group. Inside Figlar’s home, authorities found what the department described as a “significant weapons cache.”

Altogether, authorities seized 18 firearms, which consisted of handguns, rifles, and shotguns of varying makes, models, and calibers. Additionally, a large amount of ammunition was found – which investigators also believe was being sold illegally – as well as a large amount of cash suspected to be the proceeds from the illegal gun and ammo sales.

Figlar, who was home at the time the warrant was executed, was arrested. He now faces charges for the unlawful sale of a firearms and unlawful sale of ammunition, but additional charges are likely to come, the department said.

“The successful arrest and seizure of these dangerous firearms was due in part to information gathered from concerned citizens who came forward to report this illegal activity,” the Berkeley Township Police Department concluded in a press release.

The department encouraged anyone who is aware of suspicious activity to report it via the department’s tip line at 732-341-1132 x 611. All callers can remain completely anonymous.

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