Mom turns in 12-year-old son after recognizing him as robbery suspect (VIDEO)

A heartbroken Detroit mother turned in her 12-year-old son last week after seeing his image on a video that was captured during a robbery.

The Detroit Police Department shared the video hoping to identify the three suspects and when the woman recognized her 7th-grader as one of them, she knew she had to do what was right. She had a long and tear-filled talk with her son Wednesday night, then took him to the police station the following morning.

The robbery occurred at a Universal Coney Island earlier in the day Wednesday when the three – ages 12, 13, and 20 – approached a disabled man and asked him for money. The 56-year-old handed each of them a dollar, but the oldest suspect said they wanted more. When the victim went to reach into his wallet for the second time, the 20-year-old tried to snatch his wallet away.

A physical altercation between the three suspects and the victim ensued, with the three of them knocking the victim to the ground, all of which was captured on surveillance video.

Police said they were able to identify the others involved and all three are now behind bars.

The 12-year-old’s mother said she hopes this will be a wake-up call for her son and keep him from a life of crime. She also pleaded with other parents to get involved in their kids’ lives, find out what they are doing, and who they are hanging around.

The mother apologized to the victim, saying she and her son are both sorry for what was done.

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