Vegas homeowner shoots 2 intruders after being bound with duct tape

A Las Vegas homeowner turned the tables on a group of intruders who broke into his house late Monday night.

According to reports from local media, around 10:30 p.m., police received numerous 911 calls from concerned neighbors who said they heard screaming and what sounded like gunshots. Soon thereafter, they also received a call from the homeowner.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the couple’s hands had been bound with duct tape, and the woman was hiding in a closet with her hands still bound. She was shot a single time in the arm, but it wasn’t immediately clear how she sustained the wound. The woman was taken to the hospital for medical treatment and is expected to recover.

Near the back door of the home, police found a man lying on the ground. He had also been shot and was pronounced dead at the scene. A few minutes later, an individual arrived at a local hospital suffering from a gunshot wound to his buttocks. Authorities have reason to think he was also involved in the home invasion robbery. He was identified as 21-year-old Arnold Morales. Additionally, authorities say they have reason to believe a third suspect was involved in the home invasion and remains at large.

Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Dan McGrath said they know the suspects broke into the home and restrained the couple, but at some point, the male homeowner was able to break free, retrieve a gun and open fire on the intruders.

It’s unclear at this point if the woman was shot by the suspects or caught in the crossfire. McGrath said the homeowner was not cooperating with the investigation, which is ongoing, but also noted that the couple is “pretty shaken up” by the incident.

McGrath noted there were no signs of forced entry into the home, but that it was possible the doors were unlocked, and the suspects simply walked inside. He also said they were looking into possible reasons why that specific home could have been targeted.

At this point, the homeowner is not facing charges.

In a similar incident this week, a Texas couple was kidnapped, bound and held at gunpoint in their home for more than three hours after what was supposed to be a meeting to sell a dog turned awry.

Eventually, the man was able to break free from his restraints, then got his own gun and opened fire on the two intruders, killing them both.

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