Wisconsin Dems want to allow local governments to ban guns on buses

Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin have proposed a bill that would allow local governments to ban guns on public buses, after the state Supreme Court shot down Madison’s prohibition of guns on buses last week.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Lisa Subeck and supported by Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, is a direct response to the 5-2 Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that struck down Madison’s former ban.

“For years, cities and counties that operate public transit systems determined whether or not to allow weapons on their buses, and that should never have changed,” said Rep. Lisa Subeck in a statement. “This legislation enables those responsible for providing transit services to determine how best to ensure their employees’ and their riders’ safety.”

Under current law, state and local governments are authorized to prohibit guns from certain government buildings, such as schools. The proposed bill would specifically extend that authority to vehicles that are part of a public transportation system.

“Local government has a responsibility to the public and to its employees to maintain public health and safety in its facilities,” said Subeck. “This legislation allows them to do just that, not only in our publicly owned buildings but also in our public transit vehicles.”

The measure is unlikely to pass in the Republican-controlled Legislature.

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