Gun rights groups double down on Gorsuch support (VIDEO)

With Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings underway in the Senate, national Second Amendment organizations are standing firmly behind President Trump’s nominee.

The National Rifle Association’s Freedom Action Foundation is reportedly spending nearly $1 million in ad buys during the hearings set to run through Wednesday. The ad highlights a central NRA talking point– that Gorsuch will restore the 5-4 conservative balance left in the lurch with the Feb. 2016 death of rightwing bulkhead Justice Antonin Scalia.

“Four Supreme Court justices believe you have the right to defend yourselves with a gun. Four do not,” the ad says. “The men and women of the NRA will not let anti-gun elites strip away our rights or our freedom.”

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Joining the NRA’s call to action is the National Shooting Sports Foundation, who contend that a confirmation of Gorsuch, criticized by some across the aisle as being hard-right, is a return to originalism in the court.

“More importantly, it would give the court a jurist with a record of sticking to a strict interpretation of the Constitution,” said Larry Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel, in a blog post published by the group Monday.
“Here’s the real reason why Judge Gorsuch gives his critics fits,” continued Keane. “He reads the law as it is written. He doesn’t add meaning. He doesn’t subtract. He doesn’t search for gaps from which to add personal interpretation. He understands the court’s role isn’t to make law from the bench, but to call balls and strikes.”

Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing is scheduled to resume on Tuesday.

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