SilencerCo goes loud in NPR interview on Hearing Protection Act (AUDIO)

NPR listened to both sides of the issue on removing some of the restrictions on suppressors– and included the actual sounds of suppressed guns for comparison.

The 6~ minute piece carried Tuesday on NPR’s All Things Considered visited with Utah-based SilencerCo and recorded the sounds of a 9mm pistol, .308 bolt-action rifle, 12 gauge shotgun and .223 semi-auto rifle both suppressed and unsuppressed. The reason? To illustrate audibly that, while they are commonly known as “silencers,” guns equipped with them are far from being silenced– still rising to above 100 dB in most instances.

The piece comes as the various versions of the Hearing Protection Act is gaining traction on Capitol Hill– and meeting with the first real resistance.

Speaking of resistance, the David Chipman, a senior policy adviser at Americans for Responsible Solutions and a retired 25-year veteran of the ATF, is interviewed to balance out the piece and he goes with the “it if ain’t broke/why fix it” argument, contending that the reason why suppressors are used in very few crimes is due to the strict NFA regulations on them.

“This act is reckless,” says Chapman. “And it’s a threat to public safety.”

If you want to hear just the comparative sounds, head on over to NPR and scroll down.

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