Now that is one seriously long suppressor (VIDEO)

Rebel Silencers jokingly made what they call the world’s longest suppressor and mounted it on a .308 Win bolt action rifle– because why not?

Now don’t freak out, it’s not one solid suppressor but rather six of Rebel’s SOS-Hunters combined into one stack. The SOS itself is tubeless and uses four modular baffles that can stacked together. As the can specs out at 10-inches overall, six of these would be something like five feet long and weigh a bit over four pounds.

Due to the possibility of unforeseen issues such as a stack dropping itself into a rainbow under the weight or what have you, they warn not to try this at home.

“This is only for entertainment purposes and not meant to be taken very seriously,” Rebel cautions.

So how quiet do they get? How about 123dB on a .308 quiet. Not bad.

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