Liberty Suppressors’ Mystic X now rated up to 300 Win Mag

The Mystic X update kicks the company's flagship design up a notch, offering more calibers to shooters. (Photo: Liberty Suppressors)

The Mystic X update kicks the company’s flagship design up a notch, offering more calibers to shooters. (Photo: Liberty Suppressors)

Liberty Suppressors announced Tuesday that the Mystic X silencer received an upgrade, bumping the company’s flagship suppressor’s rating up to 300 Win Mag.

The Mystic X offers shooters and silencer fans a multi-caliber design accommodating firearms from .22LR all the way to 300 Win Mag. Liberty Suppressors says the suppressor’s design came from a need for extreme versatility with the first time buyer in mind.

“When purchasing a first suppressor, buyers can easily be overwhelmed with the amount of info available. We wanted the first time buyer to have a choice that allows them to dip their toe into the NFA waters and have the most versatile suppressor available,” the company said on their website. “From this goal, we took one of our most popular models and improved on that platform to create what we feel is one of the most functional suppressors available, and the ultimate first time owner’s silencer.”

Measuring 8-inches long by 1-3/8-inches in diameter, the Mystic X features a stainless steel core and titanium tube. The silencer weighs 10.5 ounces and offers a full suite of mounting options with the use of the stainless steel fixed barrel adapter.

The Mystic X touts an average sound reduction of over 33 to 38 decibels across several calibers. The company says firearm performance is not affected by the design, testing it on a 300 Blackout bolt-action rifle with .75-inch groupings at 50 yards.

The Mystic X retails for $799.

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