Armed veteran to gunman: ‘Not in this neighborhood’ (VIDEO)

A Jacksonville, Florida, homeowner took action when he saw a man armed with a rifle terrorizing his neighbor last week

“He was waving his rifle around, and saying something to my neighbors, who were over by the van and his children, and he started walking towards her and that’s when I looked toward him and said, ‘Not in this neighborhood. There ain’t going to be no shootings in this neighborhood,” said Paul Ballard, a military veteran who was also armed when he confronted the suspect.

Ballard said the man fired several rounds at his neighbor’s dog and pointed the rifle in the direction of the neighbor and his children. Soon thereafter, Ballard made his comment and that’s when the suspect turned his attention toward Ballard instead.

Ballard said the man fired several rounds in his direction, striking his house and shattering the windows of his truck. But Ballard returned fire and struck the suspect’s vehicle as he drove away.

No one was injured, and no arrests have been made thus far.

Neighborhood residents say drugs have become a serious problem in the area and are fueling crime. In fact, the neighborhood had 17 reported crimes just last month.

Residents say the police response time is good, but there needs to be more focus on the root of the problem, not just responding to 911 calls.

“Something needs to be done. Someone is going to go into the ground – either me or my wife or the neighbors or children. This is a community of families, and it needs to be protected and investigated,” Ballard said.

[ News 4 Jax ]

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