Suspects in animal masks rob Rolex shop in Las Vegas

A Rolex retailer inside Las Vegas’ Bellagio hotel and casino was burglarized early Saturday morning by at least three suspects who, according to witnesses, were nicely dressed in suits and tuxes and also wearing animal masks.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department would neither confirm nor deny that the suspects were wearing pig masks, but witnesses were quick to snap photos and share them via social media.

“Literally just witnessed an armed robber in a pig mask at a Rolex store at the Bellagio & then his arrest,” said one Twitter user who shared a photo of the pig mask-wearing suspect with a gun in his hand.

The Las Vegas Metro Police said initial reports of an active shooter were false, noting that witnesses mistook the sound of the windows and display cases being smashed with hammers for the sound of gunshots. An investigation determined no shots were ever fired and there were no reported injuries.

The suspects are in custody, but their names have not been released.

[ Las Vegas Review-Journal ]

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