Cleveland Mayor: 'Availability of guns' to blame for recent shootings (VIDEO)

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said Monday the “availability of guns” has played a key role in the recent rash of shootings across the city.

“I will tell you that from our point of view, mine in particular, that it is about the availability of guns,” Jackson said at a Monday press conference, held to address a weekend of violence that left five people killed, three of them juveniles.

“Availability of guns in the hands of those who are not legally, do not legally have the right to have them,” Jackson said. “And in this case particularly juveniles, children, who have guns and the access they have to those guns and the type of guns that they have results in death.”

According to Fox 8 Cleveland, the weekend shootings in the city left five people dead in three separate incidents. Three of the victims were juveniles, an issue Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said could be prevented if people in the community were more willing to divulge information regarding teenagers with guns.

“We need folks to step up. This has to be a community effort,” Williams said. “We need the public’s help because we don’t want further retaliation or anything else that goes along with these incidents. We want to stop this right now.”

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