South Dakota lawmakers fail to revive vetoed pro-gun bills

Lawmakers in the South Dakota House of Representatives failed to revive two pro-guns bills that Gov. Dennis Daugaard vetoed earlier this month.

Monday, the final day of the 2017 South Dakota legislative session, lawmakers tried to override Daugaard’s vetoes of two bills that would have allowed capitol carry and constitutional carry in the state, according to the Daily Progress.

A two-thirds majority would have been required to override the vetoes, and the House failed to get there for both bills. The constitutional carry bill, House Bill 1072, saw a 36-33 vote.

Republican Rep. Dan Kaiser, supporter of the bill, spoke about the burden of applying for a concealed carry permit. “Free people don’t ask permission to do what’s right,” he said.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Lynne DiSanto, said she will introduce the bill again in the next session and that it is a “fight that is not going away in South Dakota.”

The Capitol carry bill, House Bill 1156, also failed on a 42-27 vote.

Republican Julie Frye-Mueller, a supporter of the measure, said the bill should have passed to better protect lawmakers while on the floor of the House of Representatives.

“We are in a fishbowl down here,” she said. “This would be like shooting fish in a barrel.”

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