Pot, ammo found in Wisconsin home daycare (VIDEO)

A 34-year-old man from Racine, Wisconsin, was arrested over the weekend after police found pot, drug paraphernalia, cash and ammo in his apartment and his girlfriend’s home in Mount Pleasant, where she runs a home daycare.

Allen Wainwright, a self-admitted “small time” pot dealer who was previously convicted of selling heroin, is charged with felony possession with intent to deliver or manufacture THC and maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Authorities first executed a search warrant at Wainwright’s apartment Saturday morning where they found over 17 grams of marijuana in numerous bags, as well as a digital scale and baggies in a shoe box. Also recovered from the pocket of Wainwright’s blue jeans, which were found in a bedroom, was more than $500 in cash.

Police also found a house key, which led them to Wainwright’s girlfriend’s home.

The girlfriend gave authorities permission to search her home, where they discovered loose marijuana shake, baggies, and used freezer bags that appeared to previously hold marijuana. Officers also found a box with a magazine and 9mm ammunition, although no gun was recovered.

Residents in the girlfriend’s neighborhood said they were shocked to learn about the bust and the girlfriend, likewise, said she had no idea her boyfriend was involved in any illegal activity.

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