Little girl takes action after seeing Massachusetts officer eating alone (VIDEO)


An officer with the Hingham Police Department recently had an unexpected dinner date with a 4-year-old girl who noticed the officer was eating alone and decided to join him.

Sgt. Steven Dearth was taking his dinner break at a Panera restaurant the same time 4-year-old Lillian was eating with her family. Lillian sat with Dearth for the remainder of his break, as her family sat at a nearby table. After dinner, Lillian got a chance to check out Sgt. Dearth’s patrol car.

The little girl’s mom later told the police department that the encounter made her daughter’s day and thanked the officer for “being cool and hanging out with her and all her creative questions/stories.”

The encounter was described in a Facebook post as “the best dinner date ever,” and Dearth and Lillian even planned to meet again for a play date. The department wrote that it means a lot to the officers for people to simply stop and say hi, especially when it’s young children.

[ The Kansas City Star ]

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