.22 shell lands 4-year-old 7-day school suspension

A 4-year-old boy was suspended from his Troy, Illinois, school for a week after one of his teachers discovered he had a spent shell casing.

“I was met with a stone-faced teacher who said that my son had a ‘shotgun bullet.’ I was horrified thinking, ‘Where could he have gotten this?’” said Kristy Jackson, the boy’s mother.

As it turned out, the preschooler didn’t have a “shotgun bullet,” but rather a spent .22 casing. Jackson said her son recently went to the range with his grandfather, a Caseyville police officer, and at some point during the trip, the boy picked up the casing and put it in his pocket. Jackson said neither her or her husband were aware their son had the casing and, to him, it was something he thought was neat, something he wanted to share with his friends.

But school officials said the boy violated school policy and, according to a letter sent home to his parents, he has repeatedly violated the no weapons policy by playing with make-believe guns made of sticks and other such items.

Jackson said while she understands the concern, she feels the school’s reaction to the casing incident isn’t teaching her son about safety but rather intolerance.

School officials refused to talk with reporters, citing confidentiality.

[ Fox 59 ]

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