Teens fined for stealing items from Auschwitz while on school trip


Two British teens who were caught stealing items from Auschwitz avoided jail time but were slapped with fines.

Marcus Bell and Ben Thompson, who both are now 19 years old, were ordered to pay a £400 fine, as well as £1,200 to Auschwitz survivors through a memorial fund.

The teens admitted to stealing a piece of a hair clipper, a shard of glass, and buttons from the death camp while on a school trip in June 2015. The court called the act “reprehensible” and damaging to a monument of historical importance. But the court also reportedly took into account the ages of the boys when the crime occurred as well as their willingness to cooperate with local authorities.

Bell and Thompson said they never meant any harm. In fact, they said they found the items on the ground during the school trip and picked them up intending to ask a guide about them later, but were detained by museum guards before they had a chance.

The teens have the right to appeal the court’s decision, but it’s unknown if they intend to do so.

[ The Telegraph ]

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