Axelson Tactical introduces new versatile carrying case for rifles

The set up features both a hard case and soft case for a range of options. (Photo: Axelson Tactical)

The set up features both a hard case and soft case, with the soft case converting into a shooting mat or backpack. (Photo: Axelson Tactical)

Firearms and accessory manufacturer Axelson Tactical unveiled a new rifle case design aimed at expanding transportation options for gun owners.

The Advanced Rifle Case features a sturdy, external lockable exterior with an internal soft case that can be removed and converted into a backpack or shooting mat.

The ARC’s external case is air tight, sporting a pressure relief valve, allowing the case to float in water without soaking the equipment held inside. The air tight design enables the 40-inch case to be buried, protecting firearms and water inside for extended periods of time.

The ARC’s 38-inch internal soft case features a built-in 50 ounce water bladder pocket. Though the actual bladder is not included, shooters can add their own for water on the go. The soft case is constructed to hold a rifle and handgun as well as spare magazines for both.

In addition, the internal case can transform into a shooting mat in the field or a backpack to keep firearms close by.

Built with harness slots that fit most quads and side-by-side strap harnesses, the ARC’s, the case meets the Transportation Security Administration’s regulations for air travel with firearms.

The ARC comes in two color options, black and flat dark earth, with both retailing from Axelson Tactical for $224.95.

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