How to blow up a guitar with dynamite and a rifle (VIDEO)

Terry Bacon is the explosives expert behind all of the explosions at the Knob Creek machine gun shoots.

Over the 15 years that heโ€™s been doing the event, heโ€™s blown just about everything you can imagine using his own special blend of dynamite, diesel fuel and speeding bullets. He also has a 100 percent safety record.

On this the first of two videos, Terry show us how to blow up a broken guitar using a small piece of dynamite and an AR-15.

On the second video, coming in three days, Terry will show us how to blow up a minivan replica of the Mystery Machine from Scoobydoo, using dynamite, diesel fuel and an M5A1 Stuart tank firing its 37mm main gun.

Terry is an certified explosives expert, donโ€™t try any of this yourselves. It is extremely dangerous.

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