The ludicrously fast Trejo .22LR machine pistol (VIDEO)

With nothing to do with Danny, the Trejo Model 1 was one hot tamale of a rimfire .22 caliber that brought the zip very briefly.

The small family-run firearms concern of Armas Trejo SA was a powerhouse for durable 100 percent domestically made pistols in Mexico for over two decades.  Founded in 1948, Mr. Abraham Trejo Solís and his father Don Gabriel Trejo set up shop in the Puebla state town of Zacatlán de las Manzanas. The town was well known for its local apple orchards and therefore, all of the Trejo family pistols were emblazoned with a stylized version of that fruit.

One of their neater pieces was the select-fire (with the selector on the right side) Model 1, which James D. Julia has up for auction with a bunch of extras. They bill it as the “world’s smallest machine gun” and, as shown in the above video by Ian from Forgotten Weapons, it has a certain giggle factor when fired– at 1200 rounds per minute!

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