'America's toughest cop' is now a Congressman visiting the border (VIDEO)


Clay Higgins is a former sheriff’s captain known for his viral Crimestoppers videos and, now elected to represent Louisiana’s 3rd District in Congress, has some tough words from the Mexican border.

Higgins, referred to in the past by the National Rifle Association as “America’s toughest cop” and by some as the “Cajun John Wayne” has been featured several times here at Guns.com. Now a Republican lawmaker in Washington, the former St. Landry Parish lawman doesn’t like what he sees on the southern border.

Holding up a nerf football-sized slice of granite, he taps it against a U.S. Border Patrol SUV that has been modified to provide protection against rocks thrown across the border.

“Look at this vehicle right here. Look at how these men have to equip their vehicle,” he says, banging the rock against the protective grates before showing off less than lethal weapons used by the agency to include FN 303 pepper ball launchers.

“Now, if I’m a border agent and somebody is throwing this at me,” says Higgins, holding up the rock, “And I’m in danger of losing my life with this– I’m returning fire with a Glock. You can think what you like about that.”

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