Intruder shot after ignoring two warnings from homeowner (VIDEO)

An Orlando homeowner was left visibly upset by an encounter with an intruder last week that ended with the homeowner shooting him.

Juan Delgado, 65, said he awakened Tuesday morning to his dogs barking relentlessly, so he threw on some pants, grabbed a pistol, and went to see what was causing the commotion.

Delgado, whose home had been broken into four times in the past, found a man inside his enclosed porch. The man said he was looking for a landscaping job, but Delgado told the man there were no such jobs there and he needed to leave. The man, however, didn’t listen.

Delgado said the suspect pushed him to the side and ran into the house, causing Delgado to issue him another warning. But again, the suspect ignored Delgado’s commands to leave.

“He started coming at me, running at me, so I pulled out my gun and I shot him in his legs,” Delgado told reporters after the incident. “I didn’t want to kill him. I just wanted to stop him.”

Delgado called the police and held the suspect at gunpoint until they arrived.

The suspect was struck in the hip and transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

Delgado, a retired Army sergeant, said it was the first time he had ever shot anybody and he hopes it’s the last.

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