5.11's rebooted Tactical Duty Kilt gets a cross-fit workout (VIDEO)

CrossFit athlete Josh Bridges pops in to swing a low-hanging pair of kettlebells in 5.11’s limited edition Tactical Duty Kilt, now returned for a brief run.

Although the company introduced the TDK back on April Fool’s 2012, it turned from gagwear into actual wear and is back on the market.

The company’s product page touts the kilt’s “proprietary airflow system” and the “360-degree range of motion” available to the user while offering that it can improve box jumps and add 20 inches of extra lift to your pullups.

“Whether on duty, at the range, or in the woods, you’ll have the freedom and firepower man was made for,” reads the tagline.

Just saying.

Anyway, MSRP is $74.99 while supplies last and it is available in MultiCam as well as a variety of earth tones such as moss, burnt and the always popular stone.

Want more on the TDK? Here you go.

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