Nevada panel to vet three gun bills this week

The Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee will vet three different gun control proposals this week, with two separate hearings scheduled Wednesday and Friday.

Two of the bills, Senate Bill 124 and Senate Bill 387, address gun ownership for those convicted of domestic violence charges or the subject of protection from abuse orders.

Senate Bill 124 revises state law to require subjects of extended protective orders surrender, sell or transfer their firearms via court directive — once just a decision left to the discretion of the judge. The bill’s language expands the list of persons prohibited from owning a gun to include those convicted of domestic violence, stalking or the current subject of an extended protective order.

Similar to a proposal winding through the Hawaii Legislature, Senate Bill 387 strips gun rights from those deemed a “high risk offender” via court order issued through an ex-parte application for protection filed by family members or law enforcement.

The bill’s language defines a “high risk offender” as someone who owns a firearm, poses a danger to themselves or others and has threatened violence within the preceding six months or behaved violently. Once a court issues the protective order, a hearing will be scheduled within 21 days. In the meantime, law enforcement can seize the person’s firearms and ammunition and charge a fee for doing so, according to the bill.

Lawmakers will vet both proposals Wednesday, according to a committee agenda.

The third proposal, Senate Bill 378, scheduled for a hearing Friday, removes residents with medical marijuana cards from the list of prohibited gun owners due to substance abuse – a change the National Rifle Association says would preclude the state’s concealed carry permit holders from forgoing federal background checks during gun purchases.

“SB 378 would enable federally prohibited individuals to obtain and maintain a Nevada CCW and would eliminate the ability for a Nevada CCW to serve as an alternative to the Brady requirement,” the association said Tuesday.

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