57-year-old Christmas revolver still kicking (VIDEO)

In an illustration of the adage that as long as you take care of your firearms they will take care of you, Hickok45 has a very special High Standard Revelation Model 99 in his collection.

Firearms engineer Harry Sefried’s Sentinel revolver, a 9-shot alloy framed double action wheelgun in .22, debuted in High Standard’s line in the mid-1950s. The gun remained in production into the 1970s and was sold by Western Auto under their Revelation store-brand as the Model 99 and by Sears as the J.C. Higgins Model 88.

The example in Hickok’s collection was a Christmas gift from his mother to his father in 1960 and has been in the family since then.

As for Sefried, he went on to develop some wheelguns that packed a little more punch than his classic .22 rimfire.

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