LaserLyte adds new Rumble and Steel reactive kit to laser training lineup

The Rumble & Steel kit pairs reactive targets with LaserLyte's laser j-frame styled revolver. (Photo: LaserLyte)

The Rumble and Steel kit seeks to insert a little fun into dry fire and laser training. (Photo: LaserLyte)

LaserLyte pairs two of its reactive laser training targets alongside a Trigger Tyme gun in the Rumble and Steel kit, announced Wednesday.

The kit ships with two of the company’s latest reactive training targets, the Rumble Tyme and Steel Tyme. Both targets offer lights and sounds with every shot alerting users to on-target hits. The Rumble Tyme rotates while radiating LED lights to celebrate accuracy. The Steel Tyme simulates steel target shooting sounding off with a satisfying “ding” with each landed shot.

Immediate feedback on shot placement allows shooters of all ages and skill levels to advance their training in a fun and encouraging environment, the company said.

In addition to the Rumble and Steel targets, the kit also comes with LaserLyte’s Trigger Tyme Laser Revolver. The inert gun mimics the size of a real snub-nose Smith & Wesson J-frame or Taurus Model 85 revolver. The similar look and feel gives shooters a realistic yet safe dry-fire training experience.

The Rumble and Steel setup is available from LaserLyte with a price point just under $200.

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