StealthGearUSA redesigns belt clips on IWB and AIWB holsters

The new belt clips will ship on all new holster purchases, however current StealthGearUSA users can purchase the clips from the company directly. (Photo: StealthGearUSA)

The new belt clip mounted on a StealthGearUSA holster featuring the company’s patented Ventcore design. (Photo: StealthGearUSA)

Holster maker StealthGearUSA upgrades its inside-the-waistband holsters offering a redesigned belt clip boasting better features than previous designs.

Announced Tuesday, the company says the new clips offer users more security on the belt while also increasing overall ease of use.

The belt clip offers a tapered front profile which makes it less noticeable. The design also requires less pressure to open, though it maintains a steady and secure hold. Increased surface space on the T-shaped thumb pull gives concealed carriers a better grip while opening the clip, while greater thickness at the top increases clip strength.

StealthGearUSA also opted for a more ergonomic design, dumping all unnecessary polymer to give users an extremely light yet sturdy clip.

The Utah-based company said the redesigned clip follows its promise to never stop innovating.

“A little over a year ago, we brought to market our high-performance polymer belt clips and changed the way people look at ‘non-metallic’ clips,” StealthGearUSA said in a blog post. “Through extensive R&D, we have elevated the state of the art once again with a belt clip that is stronger, lighter, and easier to manipulate on and off a belt.”

The new belt clips will now ship installed on all of the company’s IWB and AIWB holsters. StealthGearUSA fans already sporting the company’s rigs may upgrade their current systems with the new clips for $4.50.

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